Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the travel experience for today's modern traveler whom is looking for a great trip to London at unbeatable prices.  Our main focus is helping you find hotels and accommodations in London that meet your specific needs.  Whether you are a business traveler, family vacationer, adventurer, or budget traveler, we can help you plan a memorable trip.

London the City

London is the capital of England and is home to over 7.4 million residents in the city and over 12.5 million in the metro area.  In addition. London boasts the number one spot as a destination for tourist visitors with more visitors each year than any other city.  The historic city is a favorite travel destination because of its rich culture, lively nightlife, delicious cuisine, and must-see tourist spots.  A trip to London won't be complete without stops at the many remarkable museums, a visit to Buckingham Palace, or enjoying the culturally diverse dining experiences that are all around the city.  Over the past twenty years, the city of London has been renewed, becoming a hot spot for travel, fashion, and culture.  Let us help you find the right hotel at the best price so that you can fully enjoy your trip to London.

The Team

London.com is run by a team of business professionals that have a passion for travel.  We have run large public companies and small fast paced entrepreneurial enterprises.  What brings us together is our common interest in travel and our desire to help other people have great travel experiences to some of the best destinations in the world.

World Media Group

London.com's parent company is World Media Group.  World provides innovative websites in the travel, professions, dating, interests, search, local, and e-commerce verticals.  World focuses development on just a few sites at a time to ensure that each site that we develop offers premium value to our visitors.  Examples of World Sites include London.com, for finding the lowest rates on hotels for your trip to London; Berlin.com, a portal offering best rate hotels and tour services for Berlin; PopStar.com, a leading entertainment and news portal on celebrities, movies, and television; Doctor.com, a site helping users find doctors in their area; and Lawyer.com, a site with 400,000 plus lawyers listed.  With your support, our companies and sites are committed to delivering high value content and services that leverage the power of the Internet.

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